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Spray techs is a company focused in providing a high-quality service along side with the use of high-quality products to assure the satisfaction of the clients,thus saving out clients time and money. All of this while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

If your bathtub,shower walls, vanity, kitchen counter, or sink has any imperfections such as: chipps, cracks,stains, burns, or is just plain dull we could make it look like new in a matter of hours.

Its called refinishing. Refinishing is about 70% cheaper than replacing the bathtub or fixture and could save you days of work . First we make sure that any fixture that isn't going to be painted is covered and protected from any possible over spray, from the paint that we use, and that the surface that is going to be refinished is clean and etched. Second if there is any imperfections on the surface that is going to be painted, we cover the imperfection, smooth it out, and make sure that there are no particles on the surface so the finish is perfect for the final step. The third and final step is the application of the paint. We use a industrial porcelain paint that will assure that the surface being painted will have the smoothness and shine that any new fixture should have.After those quick and easy steps all that you have to do is wait 24 hours to be able to use your "new" fixture. All of the jobs done have a 3 year WARRANTY. I can assure that you will be delighted with our quality work