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Welcome to San Jose Physical Therapy!

At San Jose Physical Therapy, our specialized knowledge of highly effective, yet gentle techniques is another distinctive feature of the services that S.J.P.T.provides. These techniques are not as forceful as techniques frequently used in traditional physical therapy. Aggressive stretching techniques (sometimes used by therapists in other clinics) may temporarily increase pain and spasm and thereby slow progress. In this office, gentler techniques that are highly effective, yet still appropriate for acute/chronic pain including geriatric populations are used. These are combined with an extensive individually tailored exercise program and instructions in body mechanics for optimal and rapid return to function.

Many patients are sent to S.J.P.T. after poor results at other therapy clinics for their recurrent/long-standing pain syndromes, as our reputation for effective treatment has spread over the south Bay Area.

Although we all have solid experience in more traditional therapeutic manual therapy techniques like joint and soft tissue mobilization, we have combined them with more cutting edge, alternative techniques to achieve the best possible results. Techniques like Myofascial and Neurodynamic Release techniques, M.E.T., Recoil (Mechanical Link), Positional Release Therapy (Strain/Counterstrain), Craniosacral and other osteopathic techniques are all extremely gentle and patient friendly. All of these techniques use gentle pressure or movement to reduce specific limitations of motion and restrictions of joints, muscle and other soft tissues.

Travell trigger point work is highly effective for long lasting pain reduction. Trigger points cause referred pain (pain felt distant to the cause) and are the 'knots' felt in the muscles. The patient can easily be taught different forms of self-treatment and stretches to eliminate these irritable points.

Traditional acupressure (see Acupressure/Chi Kung page) is also taught to appropriate patients. Surface E.M.G. biofeedback is used for reduction of specific muscle tension and for retraining weak muscles.

When many people are injured and get a prescription for therapy from their doctor/chiropractor/podiatrist/ acupuncturist, they often do not have a clear idea of what therapy involves. Like most therapy clinics, we offer a wide range of treatments to help decrease pain and help improve our patient's function, flexibility and strength. In addition to our manual techniques and individualized programs, we offer all the typical modalities (heat/cold/electrical stimulation/ultrasound/ traction), as well as exercises, postural/body mechanics instruction.
Although we offer the same modalities, and many of the same exercises, our advanced manual techniques, individualized exercise, stress reduction and ergonomics programs set us apart from the "run of the mill" therapy clinics. We are growing in large part from word of mouth from our satisfied patients who have had therapy at other clinics with limited success.

Treatment time: In many physical therapy clinics, visits are getting shorter with 15 minutes or less actually spent with the therapist, and the remainder with an aide who performs all exercises and modalities. At S.J.P.T., we feel that this short changes the patient who will not receive adequate skilled intervention time. Patients at S.J.P.T. receive at least a full 30 minute session with a registered physical therapist, and then modalities as needed.

Bilingual Staff: To give all our patients the best possible care, the entire staff at S.J.P.T. is bilingual in Spanish. Hispanic patients who have limited English skills can benefit more fully from their physical therapy when they can comprehend their therapy instructions completely.

Provision of health services is not influenced by memberís race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, or source of payment.