Blits: 2020 Reboot

Thu Feb 27
SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery
7:00 pm- 10:00 pm
$10 - $15
Electronic Music, Music


Back by popular demand... we are rebooting the chiptune scene in the South Bay!
This show is for ALL AGES and those who love retro video games, sounds made from outdated technology, and FUN.

Triss - Indie, rock, chiptune, 8-bit, metal
Maya Songbird - Experimental, electric, cosmic, trippy
B/I/R/T/H/D/A/Y's Ian Cowell - Synthwave, retrowave, progressive rock, chiptune

Dæmon Core - fka Noukon - member of Crashfaster and 8bitSF

Silicon Valley Pride
Be The Change Yoga & Wellness
Here's the deal...
We set out in 2017 to do something fun. To take somebody's place and run diagnostic support on a program of chiptune concerts in San Jose.

The users were friendly. Some of them kind of awkward and didn't know what to do with the scene. At least one guy was a total downer, but we won't go into that here...

But with all that we tried to replicate, here's what we learned: There is no substitute for passion and authenticity!!!

With the combined experience of friends in anime, chiptune, and music ... Here we are again, back by popular demand from the West Coast to the East Coast.

Commencing reboot!!!



  1. SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery
    44 Race Street, San Jose, CA