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What makes Us Different from other San Jose Bankruptcy Lawyers?

Time & Expertise
We are not a bankruptcy mill or factory. We spend more attorney-time on each client than other bankruptcy attorneys in San Jose. When you contact us for an initial free bankruptcy consultation, our staff blocks out a full hour with one of our attorneys for the consultation. We see new clients every day who tell us they met with another bankruptcy attorney who spent 15-20 minutes meeting them, and then handed them off to a paralegal. Bankruptcy is complex. The tools and remedies available under bankruptcy need to be tailored to your situation. Perhaps you would qualify for a lien strip of a second mortgage. Perhaps we can recover wages already garnished. Perhaps we can get you a discharge of certain tax debt.

In the last two years, the number of "bankruptcy attorneys" in San Jose has suddenly grown significantly. Typically, these are erstwhile criminal defense lawyers, family law attorneys, and others, who suddenly decided to practice bankruptcy law because of the economy.

We have practiced bankruptcy law in San Jose since 2004. We have consistently represented consumer debtors and small businesses both in good times and in bad.

We only represent consumer and small business debtors in bankruptcy. We do not represent creditors. Ever. Why is this important? It's all about perspective. We believe strongly that the big banks, credit card companies, auto lenders, and the lot are plenty powerful and have ample representation of their legal interests. Plenty of lawyers work hard to represent the powerful. Fewer represent the little guy. Even fewer do so exclusively.


We are located in the historic College Park neighborhood directly across the street from Bellarmine College Preparatory High School. We are one block east of The Alameda and San Jose’s Rose Garden District. We are very near Santa Clara County Superior Court and the United States District Court for the Northern District of California as well as the Northern District Bankruptcy Court in San Jose.


Law Offices of Jon G. Brooks
941 West Hedding St.
San Jose, CA 95126

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The Law Offices of Jon G. Brooks stand out amid other San Jose bankruptcy attorneys with commitment solely to customers and small businesses (never large creditors) and dedication to making each client comfortable with ample attention. Having been practicing bankruptcy law in the San Jose since 2004, this team of attorneys works closely with clients to explain the bankruptcy process and explore all possible options, spending a full hour on the free consultation alone. Located in historic College Park, the Law Offices of Jon G. Brooks are one block east of The Alameda and San Jose’s Rose Garden District, easily accessible from Interstate 880.