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We are looking to expand our company to other cities. We are based out of San Jose. We have been in business for about five years. This is how our business goes;

* Our job starts with meeting a customer at their home, and giving them a few ideas of what they could do with their home, or they might already know what they want. Here is where a contract is put together. The first payment will be due as per contract. Then we measure the existing house and property. We draw everything out on CAD files. We take pictures of the house inside and out that will be necessary for the drawings and the city.

* Then I go to the city and find out all the information needed about their property.

* I get back with the home owner with about three examples on CAD files of what their house could look like, and could be.

* Once a plan is decided on, the plans get finalized, title 24 gets added, and if needed Structural Engineering and Calcs.

* You will be provided with three sets of plans, and upon delivery of the plans to you, the final payment will be due as per contract.

* Then we go with you to the city to help in assisting you to get the Building permits.

* Should there be any redlines/comments from the city; we fix them and resubmit to the city.

Our job is not completed here. We keep in contact with the client on a bi-monthly basis, should there be any questions on the plans. We also check to see how they like the contractor and how they think the progress is coming along. Basically we are not done until the home is done.

Should you like to know more information about our company, you can visit us on the web at If our company can help yours, let's meet and discuss it a little more. Thank you for all your time.